2018 Artist collaboration 01.jpg

Indian born Indian classical singer / songwriter Rajesh Raman collaborates with Togolese singer / songwriter Dédé Davi

2018 Artist collaboration 02.jpg

Turkish drummer Tansay Omar and British jazz / blues singer / songwriter Gill Manly, who were part of and did separate collaborations in Croydon Composers 2017 return to collaborate with each other.

2018 Artist collaboration 05.jpg

Indian born Indian classical percussionist Prathap Ramachandra collaborates with a Croydon Composers 2017 returning artist, Guyanese spoken word / poet / songwriter Amen Noir

2018 Artist collaboration 03.jpg

Collaboration yet to be confirmed with Afro beat keyboard player / singer / songwriter Silvastone

2018 Artist collaboration 06.jpg

Trinidadian / Canadian singer / guitarist / songwriter Thomas Thomas collaborates with Indian classical singer Prachi Ranade.

2018 Artist collaboration 04.jpg

English folk / choral singer / songwriter Katie Rose, a Croydon Composers 2017 returning artist, returns to collaborate with Hiphop / soul singer / rapper Cyan.

2018 Artist collaboration 07.jpg

Iranian born jazz singer / songwriter Mitra Djalili collaborates with another Croydon Composers 2017 returning artist, Angolan rapper / singer / songwriter Unorthodox Kings

2018 Artist collaboration 08.jpg

British dancehall / reggae rapper Stush collaborates with Indian born bass player / flautist / percussionist / songwriter Shri Sriram


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