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2017 Artist collaboration 01.jpg

Srilankan born Indian classical singer Raveena Rajeevan collaborates with British Jazz keyboardist / pianist Dave Koor to compose a track called 'Petals'.

2017 Artist collaboration 02.jpg

Angolan / Congolese / British rapper / singer / songwriter Unorthodox Kings collaborates with British jazz / blues singer Gill Manly to compose a track called 'Common Ground'.

2017 Artist collaboration 03.jpg

Turkish drummer Tansay Omar collaborates with Guyanese spoken word poet and performer Amen Noir to compose a track called 'Listen".

2017 Artist collaboration 04.jpg

English folk / choral singer / songwriter Katie Rose collaborates with London drummer Dan Buskell to compose a track called 'In The Jungle'.

2017 Artist collaboration 05.jpg

Indian born tabla player Saleel Tambe collaborates with a Croydon Composers producer to compose a track called 'Pulse'.