Young Croydon Composers 2021


"Poseidon" with Lakshani on veena, Scott piano & drums, Robin on guitar and vocals, Montoye playing  violin. This is the first time we've had veena alongside a violin. With sombre and reflective themes throughout, the musicians surprised us with a dramatic section in the middle, with Scott running over to the drum kit.

"Frame Of Mind" with Sara singing, Nishyani playing flute and Shiihiro on the piano. This group of young musicians did not fail to impress us with their songwriting skills. Listen out for a layer of mentor Dennis Rollins' trombone in the background.

"Call My Own" with Omar on keys, Genevieve on bass, Kezia singing, Joseph on oboe. Some very impressive musicianship was shown with the chords and compositional ideas in this piece, watch as the piece moves from mystique and dreaminess to abstract and experimental.

"Power In My Veins" with Chaitra singing, Tarun on electric guitar, Grace playing bass and Kojo on the drum kit. This song really speaks for itself, Chaitra couldn't help but dance when Tarun's guitar solo kicked in.